UPS Driver Helper Salaries

How Much Do Ups Seasonal Driver Helpers Make

Some drivers make a couple while others can make fifty. Job title, keywords, or company.

How much do ups seasonal driver helpers make

UPS Driver Helper Hourly Pay

Also, package handlers can apply to be Part-time Supervisors. This means higher wages than you will find at some of the other companies. Our productivity has increased everyday thus far. But I still enjoy the work. Needless to say I was pretty surprised at the very low wage.

Seasonal Package Handler There are many different positions that this could entail. Seasonal drivers can expect to work whenever they need you. How do Ups Driver Helper's get paid? What does the Driver Helper position start off at? Basically, the hub handles all of the package volume for a large area and processes any packages passing through that area, in addition to regular driver routes.

UPS Driver Helper Salaries

Driver helpers typically do not get permanent positions after the high-volume season. One suggestion I want to make is you need to wear well broken-in work boots. They make no guarantee for how many hours you will work.

Roughest economy I've ever seen. On the other hand, a distribution center just handles routes for a smaller, more specific area and receives its volume from a hub. Our system has retained the information you previously supplied. If they need you, they will call you.

As you get closer to Christmas, you will find yourself working much later. For the seasonal package handling positions, do the hours ever exceed per week? Seasonal Driver Helper Driver helpers are great roles to have. However, aa driver and vehicle licensing a seasonal package handler i.

They will be doing them for quite awhile into mid-December. Thought I brought a lunch and so did some others, we had no time to really eat it. That's exactly what it's like.

If we wanted to start earlier, we could call our call center and ask if any driver helpers were going to be needed sooner than that. He was overloaded and got off to a slow start this morning so they called me and told the driver they wanted to put me in there for a couple hours or so. Do Driver Helpers ever get offered a full time Driver job at the end of the season? Driver helpers are great roles to have.

The downside is that it is hard work with a lot of physical exertion required. Expect to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life. This, of course, depends on your location. My interview is coming up on Monday. Did anyone else get this message and get called?

If someone with more seniority wants the hours, they get them, not you. If you are interested in pursuing one of these positions, check out this post. Curt- in Minnesota months ago. During the information session and the interview session, they try to weed out those not serious about hard work. RopeS in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

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Does anyone know how much a UPS Driver Helper gets

Then I attended a minute group information session about the position. Met him and we hit it off just fine. It's a great company with great benefits.

If you work over five hours in a day, you are in overtime and will make time and a half. How many you make can vary widely.

Do you mean called to interview? This will increase very quickly. So, that was about it out here in the suburbs of Chicago.

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