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French Speaking Activity Speed Dating by Ces

French Speaking Activity Speed Dating
Primary/Year 7
Speed dating as a tool for language learning

For example, ask students to rotate in a clockwise manner. Keep asking questions even if your partner is unsure. Instead of playing normal bingo, the class all stand up and if any of their numbers come up they must sit down.

Dating game

Stress to pupils that they do not have to go very fast and that fluency does not equal speed. This speed-dating thing actually seemed to be working! Use the new situation role-plays to play another round of speed dating role-play.

Attached Files speed dating. Then give each student a card with their assumed French name and some details of what type of activities they prefer. This is a familiar game show format based on the long-running French show called Le jeu des Chiffres et des Lettres. The information they have gathered about the famous people can then be shared with the group orally or used for a piece of writing for a gossip magazine.

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Dating game

They should almost always be used when there is a specific point to be practised. Give each group a set time and then listen to each group's ideas. After the last pause and more chatting to people, I could already see some couples starting to pair off, going back to the tables to continue some intimate conversation. How do you react when someone gives you a compliment?

Another word has taken the first or last place on this list. This game works well with near beginners up to intermediate. As a class, discuss phrases used for the various situations.

Pupils find these very absorbing and are effective for practising spelling, for example. It can be done with single words too. If someone asks you to a party, but you don't want to go, what do you say? Such strange first openers perhaps weren't helping my Ja-quota, but I had nothing to lose! The facing pairs take turns in the different roles of interviewer and famous person.

  1. Give the pupils a vocabulary category or a sentence to complete orally.
  2. Singing is an amazing way to dramatically improve your language learning strategy.
  3. You just have to adjust the categories.
  4. Inexperienced teachers should be wary of using games if class control is still shaky or if you have an unusually difficult class.
  5. In case you are not familiar with the rules, here they are.
  6. With more advanced learners they could be asked to justify their association of words.

These are for advanced students. If the bomb goes off in their possession they lose a life. Up for a year of Korean adventure? Give one example of a word with its code, online dating midland tx then get the class to solve the remaining codes.

The activity takes some preparation, good online dating summary but not an enormous amount. The pupils pass the bomb around. Hold a class vote to decide which group would survive for the longest. You can get pupils in pairs and give each partner a list of items to mime to their partner. They could play the game in groups.

Also, if you have an uneven number of students, you can sit in to make it even. Most of them were very impressed by this, but I tried to change the subject quickly to get the best out of the time I had. One pupil should keep the time. Why not get a pupil to mime their daily routine? One pupil might go to the board and write up details or, for instance, dating agency taeyeon a chronology of events.

Then put pupils in pairs and ask them to read of their statements to their partner. To make it more interesting though, I gave myself the challenge that each of my mini dates lasting only minutes must involve talking about something completely different. This type of approach to teaching is based on the lexical approach or the chunks of language we tend to use to speak about certain situations. You might want to edit the cards based on the level of your class, or add more, etc.

They should think of ways of putting the items to good use. By using gesture alone, the customer has to explain what he wants to buy, while the shop assistant guesses out loud. Tell students that they are a reporter for a magazine about famous people. Partners take turns to guess by giving grid references where the other person has placed the items e.

Stress to them that they must prepare in great detail to explain what they were doing together last night. Email Address What language are you learning? Once set, these bombs make an exploding noise at random intervals. Sometimes they will be up for it, sometimes they won't.

  • Students may choose to call out one number, two numbers or three numbers.
  • If you have an odd number rotate one person out of the circle each time you move the other circle around.
  • Good pictures should be simple and suggest a background story, perhaps with a past and future.

It seems complicated written down like that, top canada dating sites but it's very simple really. You play the tape and ask pupils to say or write down what the task is. They are also going to be interviewed. Each pupil has three lives.

Voil French resources for your students

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Very obvious, you just get the class to say which girl makes the best match for the guy. Continue with this until you get to the end of the sixth sentence. No, because she smokes and doesn't do any sport, and I don't like unhealthy people.

The customer has drawn up a list of items for wedding presents. Arrange the tables in your classroom so that students can change seats quickly. This is an enjoyable game and allows for repeated practice of simple items. These are dead simple and can be adapted to all sorts of teaching points.

Dating and Marriage Vocabulary in English

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Not so well for me though! Desert Island Escape Good for advanced level. Ay good fluency activity for more advanced students. Put students into two concentric circles with the inner circle facing out and outer circle facing in.

They all agreed, but added that it was more impressive that I was an English speaker doing this. Effacez Similar to the above, but done on the board. But for the most part, when I meet people I tend to have a similar first introduction conversation over and over again. You get one point for a correct intervention and one point for completing the minute.

French Speed Dating Activity by debskapick

French language teaching resources

Include some other points such as who they get on with, who they want to go out with and who they dislike. They are going to interview some famous people and they need to prepare some questions they can ask to actors, singers, sports stars, politicians etc. For high intermediate or advanced groups.

This lesson plan focuses on conversational practice to encourage English learners to use a wide variety of language functions such as demanding explanations, making complaints, giving warning, etc. Give them an example first. Then ask students which famous person they would like to be and give each one a sticky label for them to write the name of the famous person on and stick on themselves. This is a very interesting game for communcation and fluency.

The lack of authenticity in tense use is probably worthwhile for the practice that you get. Simple, but an effective way of getting pupils to use the second person when they spend most of their class time using the first and third person. Have several sets of questions available and get the partners to take turns at asking the questions. Pupils get very competitive, whilst they listen to numbers and solve the puzzle.

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